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About Old Griz & Mama Griz

Artisanal Bears by Old Griz started in 2018 with a trip more than half way across the United States when Mama Griz and Old Griz flew out to San Francisco. They rented a truck and packed it full of Charlie Bears (and a few Kaycee Bears). 1,970 miles later, the bears were settled into their new home in Minnesota. A lovely lady named Lori, had been a stockist, but unfortunately passed away in 2016 and they bought her inventory from her husband Dave.












This was a fun road trip. They made a point of visiting Monument Valley (where many famous Western movies were filmed). Take a look!





Mama Griz got a tourquoise and opal ring in Monument Valley.


When they got home, Old Griz saved money (to pay for the bears!) by riding his e-bike to his respiratory therapist job (even in the winter).  Mama Griz got to work building a bear clientele.